We provide access to industry trained experts and open access facilities which enable the formulating industries to develop and scale up advanced formulated products productively, efficiently, and with less risk.

CPI’s National Formulation Centre is based at Sedgefield in County Durham, located alongside CPI’s Printable Electronics and Graphene Application Centres and enables us to provide a joined up approach to the development of next generation formulated products and their applications across markets such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, home and personal care, industrial products, oil and gas, paints and coatings, and food and drink.

By working with a wide range of market sectors, knowledge partners and the UK’s most innovative technology companies, we are helping to meet key challenges for the formulating industries and drive cross-sector innovation and value chain synergies.

Formulation: Moving from art, to science

Formulated products such as detergents, cosmetics, paints, adhesives and lubricants are ubiquitous in both commercial and consumer facing markets. It is estimated that the combined global market for formulated products is around $1000bn and design and manufacture of formulated products is a significant value-adding step, with a value multiplier ranging anywhere from 3 – 100 compared to the basic ingredients of a product.

Formulation has historically taken an empirical approach with product development relying on tried and tested formulas and staff expertise in order to deliver consistent product to specification.

However, in a world in which ingredients derived from natural sources are increasingly in demand, and companies are looking to conserve time and resources, there is a need for the development of techniques and models that will enable predictive design of formulated products, helping to save companies time and money in the development process.

CPI is developing capability that will enable the development of models and predictive design. We will enable formulators to learn thoroughly and quickly at small scale, before scaling up for commercialisation.

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