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An integrated approach to delivering innovative photonics solutions

The highly experienced CPI team can guide you from concept to finished and adopted product. We have scientists, engineers, clinical adoption experts and commercialisation specialists to take your project from early concepts through to product with robust manufacturing processes.

The cornerstone of the photonics capability is CPI’s National Healthcare Photonics Centre, opening in January 2019, which provides specialist device development and manufacturing facilities for photonics-enabled medical devices and systems. Companies can benefit from dedicated, state-of-the-art laboratories for optical system development, imaging, design, prototyping, manufacture and test. From this flexible facility, clients can take up a number of services.

How we can work with you

Our services can be customised to meet your needs wherever you are in the development process and supply chain. We are delighted to work side by side with our clients to help them overcome the challenges of commercialisation of their products and processes. Our extensive healthcare industry network means we can make recommendations accordingly in an effort to produce the best possible outcome.

End-to-end service for medical device development

From concept, to manufacturing, to market adoption, we guide companies through every step of the device development process. Access to a diverse range of photonics technology assets including the National Healthcare Photonics Centre, supports companies with activities in design, prototyping, scale-up manufacturing, testing and validating. Key facilities include a manufacturing area, flexible optics laboratories with optical tables, laser test labs, a suite of life-science labs and an ionising radiation test development lab.

Drawing upon the expertise of specialist staff and working closely with our network of clinical, academic and industrial partners, we help companies achieve the validation and compliance required for medical products.

Discrete services

We work with companies at whatever stage of stage of the innovation process they’re in, from access to specific pieces of equipment or validation process, to working together to find solutions to a specific problem.

We offer capability in the following areas:

  • Design, development, manufacture and scale-up of photonic-enabled devices
    • System design (optical, electrical, mechanical)
    • Optimising product design for manufacture, cost and scale-up
    • Embedded software development
    • Rapid prototyping
    • System or sub-system assembly.
  • Pre-clinical validation of medical technology
    • System test, measurement and validation including in-vitro testing
    • Ionising radiation test and imaging
    • Optical-based assay development including fluorescence-based methods
    • Image analysis/data extraction.
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Design and pilot manufacture to medtech industry standards at a sufficient scale for clinical validation
    • Advice and support with current legislation and CE marking a product.
  • Collaboration with the healthcare community
    • Working closely with clinicians and clinical networks to understand their needs and create effective solutions
    • Assistance in setting up public and patient involvement (PPI) meetings
    • Introductions to clinicians and assistance in setting up clinical trials to assess and provide validation to novel products.
  • Business support
    • Access to financial support through funded programmes, guidance on locating investment funds and bid proposal support
    • Support companies with assessment of the clinical potential and value proposition of a conceptual device, optimising designs to ensure products are fit for purpose and have commercial potential.
    • Compilation of data to support funding and commercial progression.
    • Health economics, support with modelling the cost of commercialisation and the affordability for the healthcare market.
    • Support with NICE evaluation, a keystone in accelerating adoption of healthcare products.
An integrated approach to delivering innovative photonics solutions