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Efficient Formulation for Inks and Coatings

Expertise in formulation science to help create the next generation of products.

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The Next Generation of Formulated Products

Working in our National Formulation Centre, we provide leading technical expertise and problem-solving skills coupled with state of the art facilities for the development and optimisation of formulated products across a broad range of applications.

As an impartial, not for profit organisation, you can rely on our project teams to provide honest advice and a straightforward service based on many years of experience in helping businesses across a wide range of science and technology fields. Our goals are entirely focused on the success of your project.

Formulated Coatings
Car getting sprayed with coating
Waterproof coatings
Formulated inks used in printing

Our Capabilities and Expertise

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Our formulation capability
Inks and Coatings
Formulation Equipment

CPI has a highly effective formulation capability which is applicable across multiple sectors. We combine industrially relevant expertise in formulation science, high throughput experimentation, and characterisation/testing to provide a complete service solution for companies facing formulation challenges.

  • Open access facilities
  • Leading technical expertise
  • Multiple sector applicability
  • Access to networks and funding

Product and Product Line Development

CPI partners with companies in order to facilitate…

Existing product line development

  • First to market advantage for new or extended products with novel functionality/new IP & licensing opportunities

New product development

  • Reformulate/optimise with more cost effective or fewer ingredients
  • Reformulate to reduce or eliminate materials and meet regulatory standards
  • Reformulate to include eco-friendly, sustainable, ingredients
  • Reformulate for multi-functionality
  • Supply chain optimisation and robustness
  • Minimising raw material palette globally
Chemical Logistics
RFID in Retail
Formulated Ink
Ink Formulation
RFID Retail

Partner with us to...

  • Build consortia to deliver projects that will create sustainable open access capability to help cross - sector UK formulation industries overcome innovation barriers
  • Collaborate to develop CR&D bids for appropriate funding calls
  • Engage in individual product development and optimisation projects to advance your formulated products on a fee for service basis
Partner with CPI

High Throughput and Characterisation Tools and Equipment

CPI has a wide range of formulation and screening characterisation tools to allow the rapid optimisation of formulated products and identification of possible ingredient synergies and potential disruptive technologies. Working with CPI and utilising our facilities, we can enable you to;

  • Generate a large quantity of robust data, fast and free from human error by screening large sample sets against known factors of interest
  • Rapidly analyse complex data sets and make recommendations on next steps
  • Achieve scaled-down learning of process parameters to optimise manufacturing
  • Quickly understand the effect of drop-in and replacement ingredients during reformulation
  • Reach reliable business decisions faster by understanding the optimal and robust formulations and reduce time to market
  • Achieve reliable processes quicker through thorough learning on small scale
  • Experiment in a neutral and flexible testing ground where material suppliers and formulators can come together to generate data they can trust
View High Throughput Equipment View Characterisation Equipment
Formulation Equipment
Formulation Equipment
Formulation Equipment
Formulation Equipment
Formulation Equipment

Find out how we can help you

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