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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre

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Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion

CPI’s Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre can help businesses to test, validate, scale-up and to optimise their process by providing access to in-depth anaerobic digestion expertise and comprehensive testing facilities. By utilising these facilities, CPI can provide advice and support to companies who want to develop their innovation, maximise the output of their digestion process, or/and trial new feedstocks.

At CPI, we take every care to provide a robust, scientific approach to project design and implementation. Our experience of techno economic modelling and problem solving can help provide the optimum route to scaled process demonstration; essential to minimising cost and timelines for projects including anaerobic digestion.

CPI’s Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, endorsed by the UK Government as a National Centre and is completely independent.


CPIs Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre has two pilot plant skids: 2 x 800 litre CSTR digesters and 2 x 1,500 litre CSTR digesters. Both of these skids are fed automatically and are continuously monitored for biogas and methane production via automation software that allows for live and historic data. Both skids are connected to a feedstock preparation area where solid or liquid feedstock can be blended in bulk, and if required can be pasteurised in order to meet the animal by-product regulations.

In addition to the pilot scale digesters, CPI have four banks of 5 litre digesters that give companies the opportunity of starting at laboratory scale to test a number of different scenarios and/or feedstocks before making the jump to pilot scale. As with the larger digesters, these digesters are fed continuously and monitored continuously for biogas.

To support the operation of the digesters, the centre has its own dedicated laboratory that can provide daily checks on the digesters performance and the characteristics of the feedstock (including the biochemical methane potential test).

State–of–the–art facilities can be tailored to clients project needs and combined with CPI’s scientists, engineers and business specialists, offers a unique set of services designed to give clients a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing Anaerobic Digestion sector.



CPI’s expertise in Anaerobic Digestion and Industrial Biotechnology can be applied to a range of market applications, which have the potential for significant impact on the UK bioeconomy. Anaerobic Digestion provides an ideal route to recover valuable energy and intermediates from organic waste streams with high moisture content, helping to close process loops and so improve process sustainability regarding materials and energy use/recovery in key market sectors.

Anaerobic Digestion: Application to Island Communities

Read about how Anaerobic Digestion can help generate energy from waste, sewage and sargassum seaweed in the OECS.

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