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A Guide to Setting up a National Technology and Innovation Centre

22nd December 2015
Guide to Setting up a National Technology and Innovation Centre

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is the UK’s leading technology and innovation centre for the process industries which span across several industries including health care, automotive, chemical, aerospace etc. It was created in April 2004 and has been supplying innovation support services to partners that are scaling and proving their technology ever since.

In creating these centres for over more than eleven years, CPI has developed a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in the creation of National Technology and Innovation Centres from the initial concept through to the scoping, planning, procurement, delivery, opening and operation of those centres. CPI works in a public-private partnership with government to deliver a programme of knowledge transfer and innovation that helps drive partnership and innovation best practice in the chemical and process industries.

To this end, CPI has created this guide ‘setting up a National Technology and Innovation Centre’ which draws together CPI’s extensive knowledge, learning and experience combined with best practices in a form that can be used by anyone who is looking to create a National Centre in the future. Its knowledge is applicable across a much wider range of industries and services.

This guide also draws on current public procurement models such as the Five Case Model and consolidates other reference sources and is based on the best practice approach advised by HM Treasury’s Green Book Guidance on Appraisal of Policies, programmes and Projects. It guides the user through the process from concept to operation, determining the strategic content; scoping out the work and making a case for change; planning and ascertaining funding requirements; and finally the full Business Case. It ensures there is a clear understanding of the work that needs to be undertaken, with template documents provided which provides support to create a case for investment and the ability to demonstrate evidence-based decision-making to obtain approvals.

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