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Moving SMEs Forward: Accelerating Your Route to Market Entry

Are you an SME working in BioPharma that would benefit from support moving towards investment or commercialisation?

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Secure the next phase of your growth in BioPharma

Are you looking to access specialist equipment, funding or business advice to secure the next phase of your growth?

Here at CPI, we help companies working in BioPharma move along the developmental pathway with our unique approach, expertise and experience. We can help you get to market quicker and at lower cost.

Biologics Lab

Why work with us?

  • Focussed on your success: We provide access to specialist resources to support SMEs, ensuring your IP and data are protected at every stage of our partnership.
  • Bespoke and responsive service: Our wealth of expertise and state-of the-art facilities are ready to use when you need them, helping navigate your concept or product towards market entry or investment.
  • Experienced problem solvers: We use high throughput services to predict and analyse your challenges, helping to foresee and mitigate risks associated with developing your idea or technology into a market-ready product.
  • Equipped innovators: Our business know-how and experienced technical teams assist SMEs with identifying the next steps towards achieving a successful business, from product development to working with supply and value chain organisations.
  • Experts in securing finance: Our personal bid managers can translate the complex funding environment for technology, innovation and development, into a suitable route for commercialisation. The team support you in identifying the most appropriate funding source, navigating the application process, and drawing on their expertise to ensure you have the best chance in securing essential public funding.

How to work with us

Fee for Service

These follow a more traditional model, through bespoke tailor made work packages to address your needs and requirements. Projects can range from utilising our unique expertise through consultancy and technical support, to extensive process development and optimisation programmes with supporting analytics.


Collaborative Research and Development

These CR&D programmes draw on a range of public funding options such as Innovate UK or Horizon 2020 providing non-diluting funding for your needs. Our specialised bid managers can assist you in finding the right funding scheme for your project, giving you the best chance of success in a difficult funding landscape.

Collaboration in BioPharma

Find out how we can help you

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Extensive knowledge and support for your field

Are you a drug developer?

  • Access our broad range of BioPharma capabilities including therapeutic proteins and vaccines, nanomedicines and viral vectors to progress your drug’s development.
  • Work with us to build in process scaleability and process understanding within the development of your drug, to reduce or remove costly scaling issues as your drug progresses along the clinical pathway.
  • Benefit from independent data generation for clinical partner or investor pitching, plus technical and market evaluation to support investment rounds, and process data for pre-clinical progression towards clinical trials and regulatory approval.
  • Work with our research and development team to reduce capital spending and decrease risk across developmental pathway progression.
  • Benefit from CPI working as an extension of your internal resource when high workload or other pressures are preventing movement along the critical development pathway.

Are you a product or equipment developer/vendor?

  • Provide an integrated lab-based independent technology evaluation and cost of goods consultancy to aid your product’s development.
  • Facilitate introduction to key partners along the supply chain with the potential for joint technology development projects.
  • Benefit from independent data generation for clinical partner or investor pitching.
  • Work with our research and development team to reduce capital spending and decrease risk across developmental pathway progression.
  • Independently evaluate your technology for investment or partnering proposals, and carry out market scoping and cost of goods analysis.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise

  • Upstream Processing Capability

    Upstream Processing Capability

    Our suite of next generation high throughput technologies will rapidly determine the optimal parameters for upscaling your process. One of the many examples is the ambr® 250 bioreactor system, which:

    • Is suitable for mammalian and microbial processes
    • Provides a body of evidence for presentation to investors and regulators to support your process development pathway
    • Minimises the total number of experiments typically required for process development, with the associated cost savings, while generating more comprehensive data sets.
    ambr® 250 bioreactor
    ambr® 250 bioreactor
  • Downstream Processing Capability

    Downstream Processing Capability

    • Perkin Elmer Janus liquid handling robot – Rapid, high throughput data generation for downstream resin screening, with CPI’s ability to screen a high number of resins ensuring a higher likelihood of process efficient and economically viable resin choice.
    • Novasep BioSC – A next generation simulated moving bed chromatography system capable of running continuous chromatography processes to compare batch and continuous processing options for your drug, with the potential to deliver significant cost savings versus batch processes.
    • GE AKTA Avant 150 – Rapid, high throughput and scalable data generation.
    Perkin Elmer Janus liquid handling robot
    Perkin Elmer Janus liquid handling robot
  • Advanced Analytical Capability

    Advanced Analytical Capability

    CPI has advanced analytical capability to provide enhanced process insights and bespoke analytical development programmes. In addition to standardised techniques, CPI can offer access to:

    • Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) for structural characterisation and drug active site configuration.
    • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) for thermal stability determination, micro-flow imaging (MFI) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) for investigating levels of aggregation.
    • Forte Bio Octet system to enable specific high throughput titre measurement.
    • alphaLISA for high throughput ELISA testing
    • Capillary electrophoresis through the GXii (Perkin Elmer), or the DeltaDOT, and viable cell counting using the ViCell.
    CPI's advanced Analytical Capability
    CPI's advanced Analytical Capability
ambr® 250 bioreactor
Advanced Analytical Capability
Downstream Processing

Find out how we can help you

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