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  • Biologics
  • Photonic therapies
  • Nanomedicine/drug delivery


Biotechnology is delivering significant advances in healthcare with the production of targeted medicines based on the body’s own molecules. As our understanding of human genetics and the molecular causes of diseases continues to evolve, so to does our ability to develop treatments which are more effective and efficient than ever before. Biotechnology has spearheaded the emergence of precision medicines which are developed for specific subsets of individuals based on factors such as their genes, environment, and lifestyle. Precision medicine will be a driving force towards the more efficient, preventative rather than reactive healthcare system that the UK must adopt over the coming years.

CPI has world class open access facilities and expertise in the development and manufacture of biologic products and processes. Working closely with our network of clinical, academic and industrial partners, we help companies develop and de-risk new processes and analytical technologies for current and next generation of biological medicines including monoclonal antibodies, other therapeutic proteins, DNA and viral vector based therapies and vaccines.

Biologics Treatment

Photonic Therapies

As global demand for non invasive, at home treatments increases, the rise of innovative therapies which use light to treat medical conditions is an exciting development within the healthcare sector.

Photonic technologies can be harnessed in a range of healthcare applications, including therapies, diagnostics, imaging and surgical interventions.

The use of evidence based light therapy is becoming increasingly popular in skin care, ophthalmology and neurology.

CPI has expertise in working with companies to develop and commercialise photonic medical devices which treat a targeted range of life threatening diseases.

Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

Nanoparticle technology is enabling the development of drugs which target the source of disease, offering increased treatment efficiency and minimising side effects. Nanoparticles also present new possibilities for the development of drugs which offer a controlled release of therapeutic substances, stimulating the body’s own innate repair mechanisms. This technology can be utilised to develop advanced drug delivery systems to treat a range of diseases, which could potentially enhance patient experience and results.

CPI has expertise in this technology and can assist companies with demonstrating and scaling up their own innovative products.

National Centre for Healthcare Photonics

In 2018 CPI will open a new national centre to help companies and academia translate their early healthcare photonics research into commercially viable products.

This multidisciplinary open access innovation centre will bring together clinicians, medical specialists, engineers, photonics experts, biochemists, health economists and regulatory experts, with a view to accelerate disruptive and radical healthcare innovations that provide benefits to both patients and healthcare providers.

The centre will provide the infrastructure required for prototyping, scale-up and validation of devices at the necessary quality and consistency to feed into clinical validation studies. In addition, the centre will offer services that are critical to translating promising technologies into clinical adoption, including access to clinicians, health economics, regulatory planning and clinical trial planning, by forming collaborative partnerships across the healthcare innovation landscape.