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Monitoring and Diagnostics

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Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Non-invasive screening
  • Sensor technologies
  • Wearable monitoring technology

Wearable Monitoring Technology

Drawing upon our capabilities in printable electronics, photonics, and systems integration, CPI is working with industrial, academic, and clinical partners to develop novel monitoring devices and systems that measure parameters such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, breathing rate and hydration levels to provide an assessment of patient condition.

These lightweight technologies can be embedded into everyday items such as clothing, watches, shoes and wristbands, as well as medical dressings and patches, and have the potential to displace the traditional invasive testing methods which require patients to attend hospital appointments.

Offering patients the benefits of flexible home use, and medical care providers a low cost means of dramatically reducing the number of patients that must be seen on a daily basis, these devices represent the dawn of a digitally enabled, more efficient healthcare system.

Monitoring and wearable technologies

Sensing Technologies

CPI has expertise in biological and biochemical sensors, which have a wide range of potential applications within the healthcare sector. Biosensors can be utilised in in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices to test samples from the human body for infection, and to diagnose medical conditions and monitor drug therapies.

The current trend towards point of care diagnostics and personalised home monitoring means there are significant opportunities for IVD technology in the emerging healthcare market.

IVD is already used in sexual health, cancer and maternity screening, but the development of new IVD tests is currently an expensive, time consuming, multi-disciplinary activity. CPI can help companies overcome these barriers by facilitating collaboration between partners across the supply chain, and providing world class open access facilities, where our partners can prove that their products are commercially viable before approaching investors or full market deployment.

Intellectual property is also an important consideration in the development of these products, and adoption is heavily dependent on gaining access to well established Tier 1 suppliers. CPI can work with companies to connect the supply chain and establish a route to market.

Sensing Technology

Non-invasive Screening

CPI is working on technologies which are leading the way in the development of non-invasive screening methods. Current methods of diagnosis for certain diseases can be uncomfortable and painful for patients. Utilising CPI’s capabilities in printed electronics, where the flexible nature of the technology allows for conformable electronics and sensors, future methods of screening can be developed to make the experience much more comfortable for patients.

Non-invasive Screening

Conformable breast cancer screening improves patient comfort

CPI is working with UK SME Kromek to develop a conformable X-ray radiation detector for breast cancer screening.

The new device will make the experience of screening a lot more comfortable for the patient. Women aged 50-69 years who attend mammography screening reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer by 40 percent compared to women who are not screened. This device will make the process more appealing for women, improving patient compliance and potentially reducing the number of women who do not attend their breast screening appointments.