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Healthcare Supply Chain

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Healthcare Supply Chain

  • Smart packaging
  • Storage and transportation

Smart Packaging

Printed electronics enables electronic functionality to be built into cheap and disposable packaging, opening up a range of market opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry and providing benefits for producers, distributors and consumers alike.

CPI can help companies create smart packaging solutions for medical products which monitor supply chain traceability and counterfeiting, and prove compliance and authenticity.

Printed sensors embedded within packaging have the ability to monitor indicators such as oxygen levels to identify product tampering and whether a drug is fit for consumption. Smart packaging is also easily integrated with near field communication, radio-frequency identification and other wireless based applications to track product progress through the supply chain. This provides manufacturers and distributers with the opportunity to optimise logistics operations and stock control.

Smart Storage

Storage and Transportation

The development of new drug storage and transportation methods is essential if the UK healthcare sector is going to capitalise on the benefits of biopharmaceuticals.

The components of many vials and syringes have been found to impact adversely on the stability of some biopharmaceuticals, causing degradation which can render the medicine unsuitable for administration, and in some cases necessitating product recalls. Although this issue is widely recognised within the industry, the causative components and degradation mechanisms have not been fully elucidated. CPI is working with companies to address these issues by determining the root causes of degradation, and designing an efficient screening system to allow early detection of compatibility issues during the development of novel biologics.

Chemical Storage

Intelligent pharmaceuticals packaging

CPI is part of a project aiming to develop intelligent packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Working with GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge, CPI is part of a project into developing intelligent packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. The collaborative project brings together key players in the pharmaceutical supply chain to commercialise new emerging technologies which have the potential to improve medicine manufacture and supply and offer a more personalised, faster and cheaper drug delivery infrastructure.