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Smarter Packaging

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Smarter Packaging

  • Intelligence in packaging
  • Greener packaging

Intelligence in Packaging

The integration of advanced printed sensors into packaging opens up a range of market opportunities for the food and drink industry. CPI has expertise in smart packaging: the incorporation of sensors into packaging to monitor and communicate the freshness of contents. The sensors measure changes in critical indicators such as microbial activity, temperature, pH, oxygen and CO2 levels. Adoption of this technology will reduce reliance on inaccurate best before dates, thereby minimising food waste. This technology can also be harnessed to prevent counterfeiting and product tampering.

CPI is working with several partners to embed smart packaging with near field communication, radio frequency identification and other wireless based applications. This easily incorporated technology has the ability to monitor and detect food quality or contamination online. A product can be tracked throughout the entire supply chain, providing the opportunity to improve logistics. Smart packaging offers a multitude of creative marketing opportunities, as well as the chance to communicate valuable point of sale messages to consumers.

Greener Packaging

CPI is working across a range of technologies to develop greener, more environmentally sustainable food packaging, such as bio-plastics derived from food waste streams. Companies can partner with CPI to develop processes for recycling used packaging into valuable materials, for example, we are working with an industrial partner to help convert plastic packaging into construction materials.

Utilising our expertise in atomic layer deposition coating techniques, which yield excellent moisture and gas barriers, CPI can reduce the level of aluminium compounds and polymer materials used in food packaging films while providing excellent protective atmospheres.

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