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Consumer Goods

Advancing retail products

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From the development of highly efficient manufacturing processes, to the creation of smart packaging solutions which monitor a product’s shelf life, CPI has the expertise and open access facilities to enable our clients to demonstrate and commercialise innovative solutions across each stage of the consumer product value chain.

The consumer goods industry covers the multitude of items bought by individuals on a day to day basis, from fast moving consumer goods such as food, personal care and cleaning products, to consumer durables, personal devices, and clothing.

While the commercial opportunities in this sector are vast, if companies are to remain at the forefront of consumers minds and command a premium for their products, they must constantly seek to improve and evolve their offering. Innovation may come in many forms: clever packaging, unique ingredients and components, or smarter formulation, yet taking an innovative product from concept to commercialisation can be technically challenging and financially risky.

CPI works with companies at all stages in the consumer product supply chain to help overcome their technical challenges, reduce time to market and evaluate their market opportunity prior to investment. We do this by providing open access facilities and expertise across a range of technological platforms, each of which enables our clients to achieve innovation in sustainable advanced components, ingredients, smart packaging, manufacturing and formulation.

Our smart packaging expertise can be applied to incorporate sensors into packaging, in order to monitor and communicate the freshness and ripeness of the contents by measuring changes in critical indicators such as microbial activity, temperature, pH, oxygen and CO2 levels, thereby minimising food waste. This technology can also be harnessed to prevent counterfeiting and product tampering.

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