Taking up the challenge of healthy ageing

Scaling up products to support people as they age.

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Healthy Ageing Trailblazer

Life expectancy in the UK is rising meaning that although people are living longer, they are also spending longer in poor health. Along with this is the predicted significant increase in the percentage of people aged over 65 living in the UK in the next decade, which together presents a range of challenges.

As a response, the Government has introduced its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Healthy Ageing programme, which asks industry and researchers to develop new products, services and business models that will help people remain independent, productive, active and socially connected for longer. The Healthy Ageing Trailblazer represents £40m worth of funding. The fund focuses on seven themes to stimulate innovation to meet this ambitious goal, with a particular focus on the first three:

  1. Sustaining physical activity 
  2. Maintaining health at work 
  3. Design for age-friendly homes 
  4. Creating healthy, active places 
  5. Supporting social connection 
  6. Living well with cognitive impairment 
  7. Managing common complaints of ageing. 

Collaborate to innovate 

Innovation in age-related products and services can significantly improve an individual’s wellbeing as well as presenting economic opportunities. Do you have a product or process which could support this challenge? We are looking to collaborate with companies of all sizes to either transfer the use of innovative technology and products to meet the needs of the challenge, or companies who have an existing prototype which needs to demonstrate scalability.

At CPI, we understand what drives innovation, which is why we employ the brightest minds to help you navigate the complex journey to commercialisation. Our expertise in a range of markets and technologies makes us perfectly placed to collaborate on this stage of innovation.

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Smart electronics

Smart electronics

Could your technology benefit from being made smart” or connected”?

Our capability in flexible electronics means we can apply sensors to products to measure a range of variables such as temperature, location, humidity, vibration or shock. Using wireless communication, these measures can be reported in real-time and provide two-way communication between user and provider.

Flexible hybrid electronics at high volume

Flexible hybrid electronics at high volume

Ultra-thin and flexible electronics can be applied to surfaces or embedded in products. This opens-up flexibility in the form and function of a product enabling significant design freedoms. We have unique capabilities to manufacture printed electronics and flexible hybrid electronics at market seeding volumes, perfect for large scale trials. 

AI for prediction and prevention

AI for prediction and prevention

AI can help to discover patterns that can be used to predict outcomes which can then in turn be used to trigger alerts to prevent situations from occurring. We can develop electronic sensor, multimodal imaging and spectrometry systems to generate the data to train and validate your machine learning or AI algorithms.



We can support innovation in optics for a variety of applications including: smart cameras to support the visually impaired with identification of obstructions and optical systems to support work with screens, vision enhancement systems for visually impaired people and photonics-enabled diagnosis and monitoring systems. Our expertise in photonics and flexible electronics enables development, including prototyping and scale-up of technology in this area.



Our expertise in high performance materials supports development of materials with enhanced surface properties such as anti-microbial or anti-fouling, or even imparting properties such as higher friction for better grip.



Enabling active tactile feed feedback to help make electronics come alive” such as embedding within clothing or wearables to support individuals with posture or tactic feedback when interacting with a sensor or button. We can work with you to integrate haptics or other electronics into your devices and products.

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Partnering with CPI in your Healthy Ageing Challenge project brings not only unique industry leading, cross sectorial skills but also access to unique capability base of scale-up equipment across flexible electronics, formulation, medtech and photonics. We can work with you to horizontally innovate your product, bringing successes from one market sector into another to show successes at scale. We are experts in building supply chains but happy to fit into your existing project, or work with you to create a new one.

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Based on our integrated approach to innovation, we are uniquely placed to support you with product or process development, and your bid to apply for funding. We can support you with our outstanding track record of successful grant applications and funding competitions, along with our experience of public/​private collaborative projects. Together, we can prove product viability and demonstrate your readiness to implement at scale using our application of the innovation processes.

Although not all innovations will fit the call for ISCF Healthy Ageing Trailblazers, we are keen to hear from if you have an innovation that can support healthy ageing. The ISCF fund is expected to have later funding calls suitable to earlier stage innovations and we’d love to hear from you now, even before the calls are released, to see how we can innovate together.

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