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Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme funding for SMEs seeking regulatory approval for new and existing products

Competition summary

If you are an SME working in HealthTech, you can apply for up to £30,000 of funding for use with regulatory affairs providers helping you navigate regulatory pathways.

There is a total of £6.3m standard Innovate UK investment, with projects to be awarded up to £30,000.

Innovate UK
Submission Deadline
Thursday, 31 March 2022
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Competition aim

On behalf of Innovate UK, CPI and ABHI, the Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme has been developed to support small and medium sized businesses to navigate the complex and ever-changing HealthTech regulatory landscape.

The programme will support SMEs who rely on external expertise to commercialise new products, or re-register existing products in-line with new regulatory requirements.

Competition scope

Applications open from XX December, and close on 31st March 2022. Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and awards made on a first-come, first-served basis if the minimum threshold criteria are met. Companies are, therefore, encouraged to apply as soon as they can.

Funding is aimed at SMEs developing or offering products in the medical device and diagnostics (including IVD) area. Although pharma products are not considered under this guidance, combination medical products such as drug delivery devices would be considered eligible.

Why you should apply

The regulatory landscape for HealthTech is constantly changing, including a divergence between the UK and EU systems. This is leading to some UK companies finding their products no longer meet the regulatory requirements to be sold within the EU. SMEs seeking to commercialise their products often suffer from a lack of internal expertise on regulatory process, leading to a reliance on external support. This presents a financial and knowledge barrier to many small businesses. The Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme aims to help SMEs overcome this barrier.

We will also be offering a range of educational resources to support you and your business to better understand the regulatory landscape for HealthTech. 

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Check your eligibility, read our FAQs and find out more about the scope here.

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These questions will not be scored however they will be used to understand if you meet the qualifying criteria for the project. You must answer ‘yes’ to all of the below questions to meet the qualifying criteria.

We reserve the right to monitor this funding scheme to ensure appropriate use of funds and prevent fraud.

This scheme affords SMEs the opportunity to discuss their needs and input into a report that will be submitted to Innovate UK.

Sorry we can’t take your application further as you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Please contact us with any queries.

A Small Medium Enterprise (SME) is less than 250 employees AND balance sheet of no more than €43m OR turnover no more than €53m

HealthTech as defined in the Medicines & Medical Devices Act 2021, along with EU CE Mark requirements as set out in Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and Regulation (EU) 2017/746

The Special Drawing Rights mechanism was formally state aid de minimis under EU regulations.

To qualify you must have had less than 325,000 SDR funding over the last three fiscal years, including this year including the funding you’re applying for in this competition. SDR can be calculated from any state aid you received in Pounds or Euros here from a number of currency conversion websites. Pease read Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and EU de minimis awards.

Terms of Application

Funding will be transferred to you when a valid invoice for completed work is submitted. The funds must then be used by you to pay the provider that has provided you with regulatory support. That company must be on the list managed by the Project Support Team in order for funding to be available for the regulatory advice or support.

Sorry we can’t take your application further as you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Please contact us with any queries.

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