Unlocking the potential of ‘green gases’ for energy

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Start Date
Wed, 16 May 2018 09:30
End Date
Wed, 16 May 2018 16:00
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CPI is attending: Unlocking the potential of green gases’ for energy, transport and chemical feedstock.

Clean Growth’ is one of the four Grand Challenges highlighted in the Government’s Industrial Strategy, but how will we achieve it? One of the key vectors to achieving clean growth will undoubtedly be through green gases’.

A proportion of these gases can be used for energy generation, both power and heat or for energy storage. They can also be utilised as a green transport fuel to help decarbonise those parts of the transport system that will continue to rely on the internal combustion engine as a powertrain (like aviation and heavy-goods vehicles). The third opportunity is to utilise these gases as a substitute for petroleum-based feedstocks for the production of chemicals.

But how far away are these opportunities? Will the energy/​transport/​chemicals sectors compete for the finite supply of these gases or are there symbiotic opportunities? What innovation and policy changes are needed to ensure this potential is realised? In this context, we include biogas and biomethane, biosyngas, green hydrogen and green ammonia as green gases’. However, in trying to understand the challenges and potential opportunities of green gases we will also the consider another gas – carbon dioxide. This gas is a financial and environmental liability in a low carbon economy but when utilised together with other gases, it can be turned into a valuable resource.

KTN will host a unique event to bring together industry experts, innovators and Government with interests in this area to understand how we can unlock the potential of green gases to support the clean growth agenda.

The event will be an opportunity to: hear about regional activities and strategies for clean growth in the UK hear from leading industry experts about the potential of these green gases across the different market areas: energy (storage and generation); transport fuels; and as a chemical feedstock contribute to a panel discussion on what policy changes are needed to realise this opportunity hear from BEIS, Innovate UK and the National Contact Points for European Funding about current funding opportunities where businesses can leverage support in this area