The Future of Smart and Connected Packaging

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Start Date
Wed, 09 Oct 09:30
End Date
Wed, 09 Oct 16:00
Canon UK Ltd , The View, 6 St Andrew Street, London , EC4A 3AE
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If you are working in logistics, supply chain or packaging and have an interest in how smart packaging can benefit your business or your customers, then this event is for you. 

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What is smart packaging?

Packaging has two functions, to protect the goods inside the packaging and to convey information about the package contents. Smart, or active and intelligent packaging, extends these functions adding extra features to truly bring significant benefits for logistics, brands, retailers and consumers. These could range from smart tags embedded in packaging to measure the environment throughout the supply chain to connected packaging that will link a consumer with a brand. 

What are the benefits of smart packaging?

  • Lowering costs of distribution – improving supply chain management and efficiency through environmental sensing, track and trace, anti-tamper and anti-counterfeiting features which can be applied to or embedded within packaging. 
  • Increasing turnover – connecting with customers or consumers through digital communication methods can build stronger brands, build consumer confidence and support the generation of valuable user trend data.
  • Improving sustainability – through enhanced communication features, users can be encouraged or supported to re-use or recycle packaging in the most efficient way.

Why now for smart packaging?

Smart and connected packaging is at a turning point, there is significant technological development to enable its use, in volume, to gain benefits. Connectivity is on the rise, the user base of smartphones is huge, with around 80% of Americans with smartphones and around 33% of the world’s population connected through this technology and this is rising! Around half of all smartphones have NFC functionality which will increase with Apple adding this to their range of smartphones from 2017. The connectivity infrastructure is also growing with the range of options for this connectivity increasing, companies can now choose from different connectivity options in most areas from 2G/3G/4G, low powered wide area network (LPWAN) and even 5G is on the horizon enabling more devices than ever before to be connected. Printable and flexible electronics are becoming more commercial and more technologically advanced enabling more powerful features to be embedded into packaging. These features can include sensing, communication, energy harvesting and energy storage. 

At the same time we’re seeing challenges and opportunities arising. This includes a population which is increasingly demanding everything everywhere” and instant gratification. An increased environmental agenda including a need to reduce food waste and also promoting the reduction, recycling and re-use of plastics packaging. And also some industry specific legislation such as requirements of pharmaceutical packaging to follow new regulations such as the falsified medicines directive. 

Why should you come to this workshop?

What has just been described just scratches the surface of the opportunities and potential benefits from developing, using and adopting smart and connected packaging. If you come along to this workshop, you’ll hear from industry experts, what the market drives are within specific markets, how technology is at the point where it can be used within packaging to get significant benefits. You’ll also have the opportunity to be part of the discussion in how we bring together the supply chain, in the UK, to realise these benefits and stay ahead of the curve. We have unique capabilities in the UK from our diversity of packaging development and manufacturing and from CPI’s capabilities in development and scale up of flexible and printable electronics. 

Join CPI and BPIF for this exciting event and come away with an understanding of what we need to do next to bring this technology to the forefront and start getting benefits. Hosted by Canon, a world-leader when it comes to print technology and imaging systems development, the event will take place at Canon’s Customer Experience Centre The View’ 


9:30am – Arrival and Registration

10:00am ‑Welcome and introduction — BPIF 

10:10am ‑Smart Packaging Introduction, Alan McClelland, Head of Integrated Electronic Systems, CPI 

10:30am – Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging — Andy Smith, Technical Packaging Director, GSK

10:45am — iDiPac — Chris Waterhouse, Managing Director, iDiPac Ltd

11:00am – Break 

11:20am – Smart packaging from a chip manufacturer’s perspective – NXP 

11:35am – Revolutionising item-level tracking for trillions of packages — Alastair Hanlon, Chief Commercial Officer,PragmatIC

11:55pm – Packaging and Sustainability — Tom Mowat, Vestapack.

12:15pm – Lunch 

1:15pm – A workshop to connect the dots between end-users and supply chains within Smart packaging. Alex Cole, Strategic Marketing Manager & Alan McClelland, Head of Integrated Electronic Systems, CPI

3:15pm – Networking and Refreshments

4pm Close