ProtoFab Course 1: Realising Innovation

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Start Date
Thu, 08 Feb 2018 10:00
End Date
Tue, 20 Mar 2018 10:00
National Biologics Manufacturing Centre
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Realising innovative ideas into deliverable projects is an essential skill that is required by many levels of technical and business management. This course is delivered via a series of two physical workshop events at CPI Darlington and four, weekly web-based Virtual Classrooms.

Learning is provided by members of CPI’s specialist bid development team, who will share their extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

As part of this course, participants will:

  • learn how to systematically translate new innovative ideas into a compelling logical format that can be developed into a full, expanded proposal
  • learn about and practice using time efficient tools and techniques for analysing technologies, partnerships, risks and value propositions

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • recognise the necessity to break down their new and innovative idea into a structured and logical plan
  • produce a skeleton document that can be developed into a fully expanded proposal
  • determine the validity of their idea through risk and compliance assessment, using CPI’s proven Innovation Integrator® model


To register you interest in participating in this course, please complete the registration form and a member of the CPI team will contact you to discuss your application and provide further details.


The course modules are aligned to the process steps found within a structured proposal and arranged in a logical order of completion. This will provide participants with a complete set of defined elements, essential for a successful proposal.

Throughout this course, emphasis is upon the expertise mirrored at CPI and the MTC, and participants are encouraged to tap-into the breadth and level of knowledge available through our own business development specialists. With demonstrable successes, we have the know-how’ in creating credible and fundable proposals.

Using a blended learning approach; combining workshops with state-of-the-art virtual learning environments (VLE), case studies and 1‑to‑1 coaching, participants will be guided through each step and will have many opportunities to ask questions of the experts.

Module Overview

The modules that comprise this course are:

Session 1: Introduction and Problem Definition

CPI, Darlington — Thursday 8th February — 10 – 3.30pm
This module will be held at CPI in Darlington on the 1st February as a one-day face to face event. After meeting the team of experts and group introductions, the aim is for participants to identify and set individual objectives for the course. The morning will then be dedicated to outlining strategies and processes for effective proposal planning.

The afternoon will see participants drafting their problem statements, using tips and tricks shared by the experts to write a compelling argument for the need of their project or activity.

Session 2: Defining the Innovative Approach

On-line Classroom — Tuesday 13th February — 10 – 12pm
This module will be conducted via an online classroom to assist in the efficient delivery of the course whilst reducing participants’ time commitment.

In this module, participants will explore methods for assessing and defining the research challenge, and how to pitch arguments according to the technology or manufacturing readiness levels. Tips on how to use language, linguistics and relevant phrasing and terminology to full advantage is also provided.

Session 3: Creating Productive Partnerships

On-line Classroom — Tuesday 20th February — 10 – 12pm
Building effective partnerships and supply chains are essential in securing the best team for the project and increasing chances of success. On-line tools and methods for identifying potential partners will be outlined for exploration by the participants.

Session 4: Creating the Market Need and Value Proposition

On-line Classroom — Tuesday 27th February — 10 – 12pm
Modern value and commercial business propositions are complex, yet increasingly essential, to success. Commonly accepted tools and methods exist for defining these, so this session focusses on firstly understanding the common business canvas and value proposition model. Participants will then develop their own plans and propositions in private.

Session 5: Plan of Work and Risk Analysis

On-line Classroom — Tuesday 6th March — 10 – 12pm
Structuring a sensible and appropriate plan of action is critical to determining the likelihood of successful proposal delivery. This module outlines tools and methods for determining the types of activities, deliverables, and potential costs that often contribute to a great project. Participants create a starting budget that they refine within their own time.

Identifying and creating mitigation actions for project risks is crucial for managing any project effectively. The team will outline the most common proposal risks and provide guidance on how these can be avoided.

Session 6: 1 – 21 Participant Consulations

Pre-booked 30 Minute appointment — Tuesday 13th March — 9 – 4pm

Session 7: Preparing and Delivering Your Idea

CPI, Darlington — Tuesday 20th March — 10 – 3.30pm
Effectively communicating your plan for a project is crucial for eliciting the support of both external partners and internal stakeholders.

As the concluding module of this course, participants will finalise their proposal and present a brief overview to the group. Constructive, group feedback and coaching from the delivery team will enable participants to fine-tune their proposal.