Powder and solids handling solutions

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Start Date
Tue, 11 Jul 2017 09:30
End Date
Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:00
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This event will explore innovative solutions to current industry problems which arise during powder and solids handling. Delegates will hear from a range of speakers who are working to overcome these issues as well as take a tour of CPI’s formulation facilities.


09.30: Arrival and registration

10.00: Welcome – Caroline Kelly, CPI

10.05: Addressing innovation challenges in formulation science – Caroline Kelly, CPI

CPI is a UK based technology innovation centre established to support the UK process manufacturing industry. Here CPI will introduce their capabilities in formulation science, and how CPI’s National Formulation Centre, which is due to open later this year, will provide companies with state of the art open access facilities in order to support the design of manufacturing processes for a range of formulated products, including powders, liquids, solids and polymer systems.

10.30: Providing solutions for effective handling and processing of powders and other bulk solids – Eddie McGee, Ajax

Solids handling is one of the most common industrial processes yet production is often impeded by problems that arise in the storage, handling and processing due to ineffective equipment design and lack of understanding of powder flow behaviour. Ajax will examine some of the problems that are encountered, present characterisation techniques and approaches for more effective storage, feeding and processing. These will include hopper systems and interfacing with screw feeders; ideas for handling poor flow materials; mixing and other process functions along with solutions for retrofitting to existing underperforming plant.

10.55: BREAK

11.10: Practical Experiments and Experience on the Ajax Twin Screw Mixer from Coating to Agglomeration — Jerome Castro, P&G

P&G will share findings from the work during Chariot Consortium, where they used Ajax Twin Screw Mixers in an R&D environment. This work was in partnership with Ajax, CPI, University of Birmingham and University of Leeds. The presentation will include insights into the mixer operation, when used for a range of processing from coating to agglomeration, as well as sharing practical experiences.

11.40: An overview of Innopharma Process Analytical Technology – Mike Mulcahy, Innopharma Technology

Innopharma Technology develops and commercializes Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools for solids processing. A direct imaging technology has been developed for real time in-line particle analysis and a multi-probe NIR spectrometer for real time in-line moisture and chemical component analysis. Project implementation has evolved to include process equipment sensor interface support and integration with machine and control systems. R&D activities include development of sensors and Smart automated control systems for fluid bed granulation and coating processes including remote process monitoring and benchmarking functionality. Application data will be shared including implementation challenges faced.

12.00: Q&A session

12.15: LUNCH

13.00: Tours of CPI’s Formulation Facilities

14.30: Networking

15.00: CLOSE