Polymer-based Advanced Materials Initiative

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Start Date
Wed, 06 Apr 2022 12:30
End Date
Wed, 06 Apr 2022 17:00
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Promoting UK sustainability in the materials fundamental to achieving a low carbon economy

Polymer-based advanced materials (engineering polymers) are key enablers of the net zero agenda. From applications in automobile light-weighting, to materials that enable energy generation in hostile environments, to essential components of battery technology, these materials increasingly underpin the low carbon economy of the future. However, their importance is not widely recognised and their development in the UK given low priority. Equally, while significant focus has been placed on tackling the problem of single-use consumer plastics, consideration of reclaim, re-use or re-purpose of engineering polymers has been largely neglected. 

In response to these identified needs, CPI and the Henry Royce Institute are sponsoring the development of a wide-ranging, enabling programme spanning early to mid-stage Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). The aim will be to create the underpinning capability to propel UK polymer-based advanced materials into a world-leading and sustainable position. To date, a series of multi-disciplinary, thematic programmes are in development bringing together key members of the UK academic community. While these programmes are predominantly low TRL and academically driven, we wish this programme to be industrially relevant and provide the fundamental science base to support UK exploitation of advanced materials over the next decade. To this end, we are holding a virtual event on 6th April 2022 in which industry will be asked to critique the programme being developed and participate in its translation to market.

As a key member of the UK Advanced Materials Supply Chain, we would like to invite you or a nominated representative to attend on the 6th April.

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