Webinar - Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

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Start Date
Thu, 06 Aug 2020 12:00
End Date
Thu, 06 Aug 2020 13:00
Digital Event
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You are invited to attend a webinar hosted by CPI. The event will look into how a little known Japanese film become a global gaming phenomenon?

In 1996 Kosushun Takami wrote a novel called Battle Royale” which in 2000 was released as a film directed by Kinji Fukashaku. It follows a group of junior high-school students that are forced to fight to the death by the Japanese totalitarian government. It had an ever shrinking map and the idea was that one hundred students enter and only one comes out alive, as the winner. This film was the inspiration for the Hunger Games” trilogy as well as the aptly named Battle Royale” type of computer game. 

In this talk, Alex Cole will take you through the history of how one game, Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (or PUBG as its known) went from an mod of a early access game to a global phenomenon selling over 50 million copies as of June 2018 and over 400million copies of the free to play mobile game. Inspiring many other games such as Fortnight, Apex Legends and COD:Warzone.