Plant BioProTech 2019

Event Details

Start Date
Tue, 19 Nov
End Date
Fri, 22 Nov
Marrakesh, Morocco
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The Plant BioProTech 2019 offers to researchers, students and industrials a great opportunity to share and exchange ideas and results in a welcoming and friendly environment.

By focusing on scientific, technical and political aspects related to the plant bioprotection in the context of climate change, the Plant BioProTech 2019 will impact not only the scientific community, but also the industry sector, in particular firms involved in the development, formulation and distribution of bioproducts (e.g.: elicitors, biocontrol agents, biostimulants).

Moreover, the Symposium will be an excellent opportunity to treat how politics may implement the current legislation and future regulation to support the industrial development of effective and safe bioproducts, to be used for the sustainable agriculture.

Attend this second edition of the Plant BioProTech to meet key players of the sector!