Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2021

Event Details

Start Date
Tue, 28 Sept 2021
End Date
Wed, 29 Sept 2021
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Visit us on stand D17 where you can learn more about our medtech offering.

This event is the UK & Ireland’s leading event for medical design and manufacturing technology. Med-Tech Innovation Expo brings together designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sectors to explore new ideas, understand emerging technologies, and source innovative products and services from 250 companies representing the complete medical device and manufacturing supply chain.

Visitors from the medical engineering and manufacturing community will be able to see the entire spectrum of advanced technology, materials and solutions for the concept stage, through design and validation to manufacturing.

Accelerate your medtech development from concept to market-ready devices

We understand that the healthcare industry has many barriers preventing the adoption of medtech devices. It is a highly regulated market, with long development cycles and a costly approval process. Furthermore, there is an ever-increasing demand in medtech development for devices that improve patient quality of life, while ensuring speed, accuracy and safety are at the core of the design. 

Here at CPI, we have the ambition and industry connections to drive your medtech innovation forward and help you answer the demands of this changing market.

Let’s innovate together. 


CPI is here to help drive your medtech innovations forward. 
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