Market Strategy Development Workshop for SMEs

Event Details

Start Date
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 09:30
End Date
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 13:00
Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield
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CPI in association with Durhamlane will be hosting a unique workshop, designed to help SMEs in the Durham area to generate an effective market strategy specifically for their business.

CPI is a UK based technology innovation centre and part of the governments High Value Manufacturing Catapult. CPI collaborates with SMEs to help overcome innovation challenges and develop next generation products and processes.

This workshop will provide SMEs with a well-defined idea of where they should be focused and how to best achieve their business goals. SMEs will have a blueprint designed to help their business be successful and understand the importance of data and maintaining systems to share information and create lasting value.

The topics that will be included in the workshop will be as follows;

The importance of developing a strategy 

  • To strategise or not to strategise; common pitfalls of not having a market strategy. 
  • Why a scattergun approach can work in the short-term but rarely leads to long-term success. 

Inside out thinking 

  • Diagnosis of your business and where you can spend your time to be most successful. 
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Building a plan. 


  • Identifying where to focus and why. 
  • Creating a blueprint to engage potential customers. 

Data & systems 

  • The value of quality data and how to get it. 
  • An overview of CRM systems and the importance of maintaining information for sales success. 

Wrap up:

  • We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that ensure every participant has the beginnings of a market strategy developed. 

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