Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing IV

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Start Date
Sun, 06 Oct
End Date
Wed, 09 Oct
Ocean Edge Resort Brewster (Cape Cod), Massachusetts
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Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing IV is the world’s première conference in the area of continuous biomanufacturing. It accepts only the highest-quality scientific papers. No commercial entities influence the scientific programming.

Integrated and continuous biomanufacturing is being implemented across the biopharmaceutical industry. It is a powerful process intensification tool enabling cost-effective, lean, and agile manufacturing facilities. The development of these technologies has been discussed in our past conferences ICB I (2013), ICB II (2015), and ICB III (2017).

ICB IV (2019) will showcase the implementation of these technologies for GMP biomanufacturing using case studies of clinical and/​or commercial bioprocesses. Other topics will include:

  • Methodologies for ICB process development
  • Automation, control and digitalization strategies for ICB
  • New examples of integration between vial thaw and drug product
  • Validation of continuous viral inactivation and viral clearance
  • Continuous biomanufacturing beyond CHO and/​or proteins

ICB IV will bring together leading scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies who are actively engaged in the field of integrated continuous biomanufacturing.