How to apply for the RTO/Catapult Growth Support Account

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Start Date
Tue, 14 Sept 2021 10:00
End Date
Tue, 14 Sept 2021 11:00
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Innovate UK EDGE is partnering with the Catapult Network to award grants to ambitious high growth SMEs.

About this event

Register for this webinar on Tuesday 14 September 10.00am to 11.00am to learn how to apply for the RTO/​Catapult Growth Support Account and hear 5 x Catapults explain how you could use the funding to work with them.

Under this scheme SMEs can receive up to £15,000* to spend on the services and support delivered by Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and the Catapult Network including:

• Exploration and testing of new product ideas

• The provision of technical expertise and sector knowledge

• Advice on regulatory and government processes along with access to networks of customers, services and funders.

• Identification of opportunities for R&D, collaboration and partnership building

• Sector specific expert advice e.g. support with market analysis, cost modelling, business‐​case support, creation of industry‐​relevant R&D project plans

• Sector specific advice and support to commercialise their innovation, including improving efficiency, making their business operations more sustainable, or investigating market gaps

*The grant will pay 100% of eligible project costs up to a maximum of £15,000 (exclusive of VAT if the beneficiary business is VAT registered, irrecoverable VAT can be included in project costs)


• Welcome and Introduction to Innovate UK EDGE

• Introducing the Catapult Grant

• An overview from the 5 x Catapults below as to their services including what a business could get for c£15k and how businesses could use the grant to work with them:

Centre for Process Innovation / Connected Places / High Value Manufacturing / Medicine Discovery / Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

• Q&A with Ingunn Vallumroed, Project Manager Catapult Grants, 5 x Catapults, Kirsten Masson and Julie Pauley, Innovate UK EDGE

• Close out

What is an RTO / Catapult?

Research & Technology Organisations and Catapults are physical centres with cutting-edge R&D infrastructures including hubs, laboratories, testbeds, factories and offices, as well as technical experts that can help innovators develop breakthrough products and services.

There are 9 Catapults operating from 40 locations that are able to provide support under this scheme.

High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC), which is supported by Innovate UK. The HVMC is the catalyst for the future growth and success of advanced manufacturing in the UK. It consists of seven technology and innovation centres across the UK and its vision is to work with companies of all sizes to bridge the gap from concept to commercialisation.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) develops and proves innovative manufacturing processes and technologies in an agile, low risk environment, in partnership with industry, academia and other institutions.

The MTC operates some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world, and employ a team of highly skilled engineers, many of whom are leading experts in their field. This creates a high-quality environment for the development and demonstration of new processes and technologies on an industrial scale.

The MTC’s areas of expertise are relevant to both large and small companies and are applicable across a wide range of industry sectors. The MTC’s members include global manufacturing companies from multiple sectors. Research partners include the University of Birmingham, University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and TWI Ltd.

Gabrielle England, Product Manufacturing Incubator (PMI) at the HVM’s Catapult Manufacturing Technology Centre

Gabrielle has 20+ years’ experience in transport” vehicle safety, from calibrating anthropomorphic test devices to presenting papers and running EU projects in R&D safety in rail; motorcycle; automotive and maritime industry sectors and was also an EU R&D representative in Brussels in bid writing and evaluation.

In her time within the PMI team, Gabrielle has worked on a number of projects and helped to develop concepts into manufacturable” products including knee surgery appliances, wave energy harvesting devices, wireless routers and even a cosmetic foundation mixer for front of house delivery through to medical devices, there are very few limits to the types products that can be designed; developed and produced.

Her role is to scope ideas and innovation, access and signpost funding mechanisms to get these ideas off the ground. Opening pathways and routes to building prototypes and proof of concept taking them through to commercialization and production, supporting UK manufacturing.

Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult

Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult is the UK’s leading technology innovation and research centre for offshore renewable energy. We play a key role in delivering the UK’s net zero targets by accelerating the creation and growth of UK companies in the offshore renewable energy sector. We use our unique facilities and research and engineering capabilities to bring together industry and academia and drive innovation in renewable energy.

Andy Holyland – ORE Catapult East of England Innovation Manager

Andy joined the ORE Catapult in January 2020. He operates out of the OrbisEnergy building in Lowestoft where he manages Catapult engagement across the East Anglia region and surrounding area. He is building on previous activity in the region working collaboratively with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership to strategize and support industry initiatives and drive supply chain growth. Previously Andy held posts in the offshore wind supply chain sector and started his career with the Corps of Royal Engineers in the British Army.

Connected Places Catapult

Connected Places Catapult is the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport, and places.

We provide impartial innovation as a service’ for public bodies, businesses, and infrastructure providers to catalyse step-change improvements in the way people live, work and travel. We connect businesses and public sector leaders to cutting-edge research to spark innovation and grow new markets. We run technology demonstrators and SME accelerators to scale new solutions that drive growth, spread prosperity, and eliminate carbon.

Dr Alisdair Ritchie — SME Development Team Lead at the Connected Places Catapult

Alisdair and his team manage Connected Places Catapult’s network of 4,000+ SMEs, seeking to foster innovation and integrate the network’s capabilities across all the Catapult’s activities. The team develop and deliver frameworks that enable SMEs to innovate, build partnerships and seek investment with partners across government departments, local authorities, key commercial partners and globally.

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Medicines discovery is changing. It is becoming more precise in its targeting and accompanied by more complex data, and advanced biomarkers and diagnostics. MDC is committed to working with innovative companies across the UK to accelerate this change; helping reshape drug discovery so that patients get the medicines they need faster.

Nicola Heron — Chief Business Officer at the Medicines Discovery Catapult.

Nicola joined in 2018 as Head of Collaborative R&D and was appointed as Chief Business Officer in January 2021. She leads the sector engagement and commercial aspects of the business, driving MDC collaboration opportunities across the bio-tech sector.

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) uses applied knowledge in science and engineering combined with state of the art development facilities to enable clients to develop, prove, prototype and scale up the next generation of products and processes. CPI work with its partners to develop products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries.

Mairi Dillion — Investor Relationships Manager at CPI Enterprises

Mairi joined CPI in Jan 2020 having worked previously in investment and SME support roles in the Catapult and Innovate UK family. As an Investor Relationships Manager for CPI Enterprises, the investor engagement and ventures arm of CPI, Mairi connects and supports early stage investors and companies. Her role includes the identification of opportunities for investment; CPI Enterprises invests sweat equity in pre seed and seed opportunities aligned with CPI’s capabilities and strategy. Mairi has a deep understanding of how to link the research, commercial and funding arenas.

Ingunn Vallumroed – Project Manager, Catapult Grants

Ingunn has worked as a Project Manager for Exemplas since 2016 and has been responsible for managing government funded grant programmes totalling over £12m during that period. Until last year the main focus was on the successful delivery of Exporting for Growth, an ERDF funded grant programme run in conjunction with the Department for International Trade’s contract for Yorkshire & Humber, delivered by Enterprise Growth Solutions. This programme has supported over 900 businesses with £3m of grants, creating over 500 jobs in the Y&H region.

In the past year she has on behalf of Exemplas delivered a £2m Covid19 support grant programme for growth hubs in the south of England and is currently leading on two district council Covid19 grant schemes in addition to the RTO/​Catapult programme for South England.