CPI's Graphene Application Centre Open Day

Event Details

Start Date
Thu, 21 Sept 2017 10:00
End Date
Thu, 21 Sept 2017 15:00
CPI, Neville Hamlin Building
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The Graphene Application Centre was created by the UK government and funded by Innovate UK to support the commercial growth of the UK graphene industry by translating the graphene research into industrially relevant applications. For products such as inks and coatings, composite resins, and sensors. CPI operates specialised facilities at NETPark in Sedgefield, County Durham which can be accessed by companies of all sizes to develop graphene enabled products more efficiently, with less financial risk.

Graphene, first isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004, is tipped to transform many products. It’s electrical and thermal conductivity, optical purity and mechanical strength could be used in high-capacity batteries, flexible screens, ultra-fast transistors and other electronic components, super-bright lasers and a wide range of materials, from sports equipment to aircraft wings. Ultimately, the full potential of graphene and its possible applications are not yet known; CPI’s facility will help UK industry to identify and capitalise on this.

Join us at NETPark to celebrate the opening of the Graphene Applications Centre, showcasing our world class facilities and CPI’s activity to date in the development of graphene applications for commercialisation across a range of markets To secure your place at this event on the 21st September 2017 please complete the form below.



The agenda for the conference is currently being finalised but presentations will be based around the following themes:

  • Growing the market for graphene application
  • What graphene could mean to the future of aerospace
  • What’s needed to capitalise on the UK’s position in graphene
  • CPI’s Graphene Application Centre
  • Case studies


All delegates are invited to attend an evening dinner at 7pm on Wednesday 20th September at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield. This is an opportunity for delegates to network prior to the event the next day. If you wish to attend the dinner, please select this option when registering your attendance.