Drug Delivery, Medical Devices and Smart Packaging

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Start Date
Wed, 22 Nov 2017 09:45
End Date
Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:00
National Biologics Manufacturing Centre
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CPI is leading a project to catalyse the needs of innovation in the smart packaging of medicines and medical devices leading to the creation of an innovation capability.

CPI would like to invite you to take part in the second of our three-part workshop series on smart technology for medicines packaging and medical devices where you can help define the UK’s needs for innovation and shape the future of this new capability build. Come along and tell us what capability we should build, let us know what your pains are and what technology and innovation can solve.

With the recent publications of the Life Sciences Strategy, The MMIP Manufacturing Vision for UK Pharma and the Made Smarter’ Digitisation Review, NOW is the time to be looking at developing UK capability in the area of smart packaging.

The participants invited include high level individuals from: GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Asthma UK, Owen Mumford and innovative SMEs.

The themes we will explore include:

  • Connected Delivery Systems – what’s changed?
  • Patient Compliance – Still a mirage, or is it now achievable?
  • Electronic advances and battery technology
  • Digital – what does it really offer and how does the UK accelerate its use?
  • Impact of delivery systems on new modalities – Biologics, Personalised Medicines, Advanced Therapeutic Medicines 
  • Enhanced patient benefits and understanding how to identify AND meet these from Phase I through to Phase IV and real world’ evaluation
  • Standards or standardisation – let’s keep complexity simple?
  • Regulations – shaping with new technologies
  • What are the unmet patient needs – how can innovations help?
  • Sustainability and waste reduction through improved design

If you would like more information about the project then please contact: alex.​cole@​uk-​cpi.​com

About the SmartMed project

The healthcare sector is in the midst of change, driven by multiple factors including longer life expectancies, a rise in chronic disease and a shift in the pharmaceutical industry towards advanced and personalised therapies. There is also an increasing number of people taking multiple medicines, putting pressure on the NHS to be able to track exactly where drugs are going and when patients are taking them. With the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt’s target for digital-led NHS treatment by 2018, there is increasing expectation on the sector to use technology, such as smart packaging, to address these issues.

Using smart packaging would also benefit organisations such as distribution companies, who could track and monitor medicines throughout the supply chain, as well as pharmaceutical companies who could use sensors to monitor environmental conditions during storage and delivery including temperature, humidity and damage, to ensure that medicines are effective when they reach the patient. Smart packaging for medicines could feature printed sensors that can also be used to help with patient compliance. This is a major issue for healthcare, because patients that do not take their medicines as prescribed not only risk their health, but also contribute to significant economic losses for healthcare providers such as the NHS in the UK.

The Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP), a partnership between the UK government and industry, has endorsed the creation of a national centre of excellence in packaging for medicines. This centre will support the development of the next generation of packaging technology and the associated smart devices required for new and novel medicines, including specialist packaging needed throughout the manufacturing supply chain. The proposed world-class centre of excellence would allow medicine manufacturing and medical technology companies to build their niche capabilities and differentiate themselves in the global marketplace, securing activity and creating jobs in the region.