Building Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

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Tue, 20 Apr 2021
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Sustainability is a key focus globally and is particularly relevant in our time of climate change, growing populations, and the ongoing pandemic.

Within agri-food — one key question remains — how can we achieve a secure and nutritionally balanced food supply for all, whilst ensuring future generations can do the same? The production of sustainable agri-food should preserve the environment, human health, animal welfare and profitability. The development of low-input systems and new technologies throughout the supply chain offer hope for the future.

This session will briefly explore how we can move towards a more sustainable future for agri-food, drawing on the experiences of our speakers who work in academia, industry, and policy/NGO/start-up.

This event will be of interest to people looking to hear more about the agri-food sector and potential career paths. The committee aims to support people at all stages of their career — whether these are individuals looking for their first role or experienced professionals looking to transition into the agri-food sector.