BIOS 2021 Exhibition - Photonics in Healthcare

Event Details

Start Date
Sat, 06 Mar 2021
End Date
Sun, 07 Mar 2021
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This industry session will look at how photonics-based methods are helping to meet the increasing worldwide demand for rapid, accurate, personalised and cost-effective healthcare interventions – including imaging, diagnostics and therapy. Biophotonics is also instrumental to the analysis of processes at the molecular level, giving a greater understanding of the origin of diseases, and hence allowing prevention and new treatments. Attend this session to learn from industry speakers and see how they are using different photonics technologies to address healthcare needs.

Attend this session to learn from industry experts as they discuss topics that include the selection and optimisation of image sensors specifically for medical imaging applications, fluorescence and spectral methods for image-guided surgery, fiber-based solutions for medical imaging, the use of acousto-optic elements for advanced microscopy, and the role of photonics in manufacturing of cell-based therapies.