Animal AgTech Innovation Summit - March 2021

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Start Date
Mon, 08 Mar 2021
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Bringing the industry ecosystem together is the top priority for the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, which will take place virtually on March 82021.

From precision farming and connected supply chains, to new frontiers in alternative feeds, breeding and genetics, the summit will address the most important challenges and opportunities in today’s livestock, dairy and aquaculture industries, including lessons learned from adjacent industries.

As we look ahead into 2021 and beyond, the summit will provide an essential platform for knowledge-sharing as well as networking, through a valuable mix of live-streamed sessions, start-up pitches, breakout discussion groups and 1 – 1 video networking.

The world’s leading animal health and nutrition agribusinesses, producers, entrepreneurs and investors will present live, before hosting roundtable discussions on how technology and investment can be targeted to have the greatest impact on the animal agriculture industry.

Key Themes:

  • A One Health Approach: Innovation at the intersection of planetary sustainability, animal health and welfare
  • The Digital Revolution: Accelerating adoption of precision farming solutions by demonstrating clearer ROI
  • Lessons from Adjacent Industries: Translating technologies and learnings from crop farming and human health
  • Connecting from Farm to Fork: Building transparency and resiliency in the supply chain by translating data into action
  • The Future of US Aquaculture: How could the current wave of investment into digital innovation reinforce aquaculture as a sustainable protein source?
  • Breeding and Genetics: Can advanced approaches to genomics overcome the challenges in regulation and public perception?
  • The Alternative Landscape: How do we position meat and dairy as sustainable, healthy proteins alongside growing plant-based trends?
  • Creative Partnership Models: Connecting the corporate, academic and start-up worlds
  • Accelerating Investment: Creating strong market signals to drive entrepreneurship and capital

By sharing best practice from around the globe, and facilitating new connections and collaborations, the summit offers an invaluable platform to develop new business partnerships and accelerate the pace of innovation as we build a more secure, sustainable and resilient animal agriculture industry.

All participants can schedule video 1 – 1 meetings with potential partners and clients throughout the summit, and for an extended period before and after the sessions, and all content will be available to watch On Demand for a month.