AMRC Forum: Opportunities and challenges in automotive

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Start Date
Thu, 28 Sept 2017 09:00
End Date
Thu, 28 Sept 2017 17:00
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
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The automotive sector faces significant technological changes in the coming years and this has been brought sharply into focus by the Government’s recent announcement that all sales of new petrol and diesel cars will cease in the UK by 2040, under plans to tackle air pollution.

But with electric cars currently accounting for less than 1% of new sales, the switch will mean seismic changes for manufacturers, supply chain companies, consumers and infrastructure. The AMRC Forum will host industry experts as well as small and large companies who have embraced new technology to exploit opportunities. Speakers from:

  • Ricardo
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Tinsley Bridge
  • SW Machines
  • AMRC