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Start Date
Wed, 14 Mar 2018 10:00
End Date
Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:15
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Positioning Formulation in future EU Framework Programmes

This workshop provides the opportunity for the UK formulation community to actively contribute to the development of a formulation-focussed strategic research and innovation agenda, designed to influence and inform the upcoming EU Framework Programme (FP9). This will be part of a series of workshops organised in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and France taking place within the context of AceForm4.0

AceForm4.0 is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the EU Commission, set up to identify research and innovation priorities and to establish and support collaborations across different formulation industries and throughout the value chain. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to network, stimulate new collaborations, and populate EU capability maps with a particular focus on Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, cross-sector opportunities and new value chains. It is also anticipated that outputs will be used to inform the parallel development of a case for strategic investment on a UK national level in the area of formulation.


10:00 — Arrival and registration

10:30 — Welcome and introduction — Shak Gohir — Senior Technology Officer, CPI

10:40 — Roundtable introductions — 1 min per delegate

  • Name, Position, Organisation
  • Position in Value Chain
  • Research & Innovation interests
  • Expectations for the day

11:00 — Introduction to AceForm4.0 — Darren Ragheb — Strategic Programmes Manager, CPI

  • Approach/​Key learnings So Far/​Next Steps
  • Presentation and Roundtable discussion

12:00 — UK Strategy: National Perspective — Rachael Rowland-Jones — Knowledge Transfer Manager, KTN

12:20 — Project Case Study One — UK National Formulation Centre — Advanced Capability Development Programme’ — Caroline Kelly — Senior Technical Services Lead, CPI

12:40 — Project Case Study Two — ADDOPT — Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutic’ — Sean Bermingham, — Head of Formulated Products, PSE

13:00 — Lunch

14:00 — Break-out workshops

Topic 1: What is the potential benefit of partners along the value chain joining forces in developing new formulated products? What is the role of the different partners?

Topic 2: How will Industry 4.0/digitalisation impact the design, development and manufacturing of formulated products? What is the research need in this area?

Topic 3: How can the concept of circular economy impact product design, process development, manufacturing and recycling? What is the research need in this area?

Topic 4: What can we learn from formulation challenges and solutions in other sectors? Where do you see opportunities for cross-sectorial knowledge exchange? 

15:15 — Break

15:45 — Wrap-up: Summary of discussion points, conclusions on R&I topics to be proposed for FP9 and next steps

16:15 — Close