4th Edwards Symposium - Emerging Trends in Soft Matter

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Start Date
Wed, 04 Sep
End Date
Fri, 06 Sep
Centre for Mathematical Sciences Cambridge, United Kingdom
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2019 will be the fourth year in the Edwards Symposium Series, funded in part by continued generous support from Unilever.

This symposium series is named after the renowned Scientist Sir Sam Edwards FRS, who was a pivotal figure in bringing advances in the physical sciences and translating them into end user applications for industry. Sir Sam’s contributions to the field of soft matter ranged from polymer melts, through gels, colloids, granular materials and glasses to optimisation problems.

The Edwards Symposium Series recognises the fast evolving and diverse nature of soft matter science and each year focuses on different areas of new and emerging science.

Relevant to many industrial and biological systems, soft matter is pivotal to a wide range of disciplines and has led to innovative materials and processes for industry while also posing new fundamental problems. The Symposium builds on Sir Sam’s realisation that broad classes of soft materials are governed by unifying physical principles, arising from the geometry, topology and qualitative behaviour of their microscopic components, regardless of their detailed molecular or chemical character.