4th CCP Summit 2020

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Start Date
Tue, 28 Jan
End Date
Thu, 30 Jan
Boston, MA
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This is the one and only CCP meeting bringing together small molecules and biologics experts under one roof for knowledge and experience exchange!

Four years in the drug development world isn’t long, and the progress made in continuous processing has been an extraordinary. Thanks to the encouragement of the FDA and maturing technology; both pharma and biotech are starting to adopt continuous manufacturing (CM) in a commercial setting.

Over the last 12 months we have seen major milestones in continuous manufacturing globally – PROSPECT project in the UK, GSKs announcement of CM facilities in Singapore, Merck has filed an NDA under CM approach, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted $14.3m to Univercells to deploy CM for measles and rubella vaccine continuous manufacturing.

At the 4th Annual CCP Summit we will continue to explore scientific and technology advancements that can help eliminate bottlenecks, and more importantly, will address the quality, upfront investment and business rationale behind the switch’.

Our Attendees

Dave Berry

Dave Berry

Manager - Complex Particles