2nd Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit 2021

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Start Date
Tue, 24 Aug 2021
End Date
Thu, 26 Aug 2021
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Year on year flow chemistry continues to gain traction, with large pharma expanding their capabilities and coverage across R&D to manufacturing applications and implementing increasingly advanced digitalization solutions. Smaller biotech’s are also seeing the opportunity, overcoming the investment barrier to provide real impact to their companies through utilizing the flexibility of flow.

With so many flow chemistry breakthroughs happening throughout the life science and chemicals industry we are excited to bring the cross-industry seminar day, with learnings from AgBio, Food, Technology and Explosives. Inspiration to overcome your flow chemistry roadblock could come from where you least expect it!

Also new to this year will be 2 Deep Dive Sessions on Rector Design for Proof of Concept & Beyond and Scale up Trouble Shooting &Digital Solutions to give you in-depth insight into case studies, calculations, equipment design and the opportunity to trouble shoot challenges with your own project amongst industry experts.

Agenda highlights from the Main Conference Include:

- Discover Novel approaches to Photo/Electro-Chemistry and Catalysis to revolutionize drug substance discovery and processing with case studies from Roche, GSK and RCPE

- Discuss the practicality of Process Optimization of flow chemistry to enhance yield for a green chemistry and cost-efficient approach with insights from Amgen and Pfizer

- Explore real time monitoring/​PAT and Modelling for advanced control and product quality with AbbVie

- Harness automated manufacturing and AI/ML with flow with expertise from NCSU and SRI International

- Debate bridging the gap between Chemistry and Engineering to accelerate pipeline to production efficiently alongside Immunogen and Eli Lilly