Pilot Sputter Roll-to-Roll Coater

CPI operate a pilot scale roll-to-roll vacuum sputter coater capable of handing films with widths up to 400mm, thickness range 12250µm and roll lengths up to 2000m.

The coater is equipped with the following:

  • Plasma pre-treatment
  • 3 independently pumped and isolated deposition zones
  • DC, pulsed DC and MF powered sputter processing
  • Planar, dual-planar and dual rotatable deposition cathodes
  • Non-reactive and reactive sputter deposition of metals, oxides, nitrides, oxynitrides, dielectrics etc.
  • Deposition of single and multiple layer stacks
  • Precise web control both in process, via the temperature controlled process drum, and through the winding system, with accurate tension control from unwind to rewind.
  • A wide range of materials are available.

Application areas for the facility range from clear barrier coatings, optical coatings, transparent conductors (e.g. ITO) and many other coatings of importance for uniform large area coatings required for example in the plastic electronic, optical, photovoltaic (thin-film), optoelectronic and other markets.