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Upstream Process Development Scientist

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£25,000 - £60,000 per annum, depending on experience
Full-time - Permanent Full-time - Fixed term
Science and Engineering
05 Jul 2020 - 23:30
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CPI in a nutshell

At CPI we work with our partners to translate inventions into products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries.

With a deep understanding of innovation processes and funding, outstanding technical expertise and industry relevant assets, we enable products and processes to be quickly and cost-effectively brought to market. This supports the development of next-generation manufacturing, highly-skilled jobs and economic growth for the UK.

Our partners operate across many diverse markets including pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals, food and drink, electronics and transportation.

Why this role is important for CPI’s work

Biotherapeutics is an area that continues to grow and diversify as innovative therapeutic strategies are developed for combating illnesses and infections. Biologics now account for over a third of all new drugs in clinical trials or awaiting FDA approval and the global market for biopharmaceuticals and vaccines is expected to reach over US$269.3 billion this year. 

An exciting opportunity has arisen to expand our team in order to help our clients and partners develop new products, processes and manufacturing solutions. The purpose of the role(s) is to contribute to the delivery of wide variety of industrially relevant upstream project work that could involve development, research, design and optimisation of the production of biopharmaceuticals. Whilst working at CPI you will be developing expertise in the production of biopharmaceuticals, such as; proteins, viral vectors and/​or nucleic-acid based products that are expressed in mammalian, bacterial or cell-free systems. 

Duties of the role may include: 

  • To contribute to/​lead the delivery of collaborative and commercial projects including experimental design and execution 
  • To focus on the design, development and scale-down/scale-up of upstream processes
  • The operation of reusable or single use bioreactors for both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentations
  • Performing in-process and end point analysis of process derived material
  • Working to cGMP standards and maintaining documentation in compliance with HSE guidelines
  • Documentation writing, data interpretation and statistical analysis

There are both permanent and fixed term (for 12 months) opportunities available. For full details of the role, and the associated responsibilities please refer to the Job Descriptions. 

The person we are seeking

We are looking to recruit individuals with a wide range of experience across all levels, from Junior Scientist level all the way through to Principal Scientist level. We are looking for individuals who may have experience in the following areas: 

  • Experience in the process development and/​or manufacture of biopharmaceuticals 
  • Experience in the operation and troubleshooting of bioreactor systems 
  • Familiarity with the culturing of mammalian, microbial and/​or other industrially relevant cell types
  • The operation of high throughput bioreactor systems such as the ambr15 and ambr250
  • Analytical methods for titre analysis e.g SDS-PAGE, ELISA and qPCR
  • The application of synthetic/​molecular biology techniques 
  • cGMP experience in a bio/​pharmaceutical manufacturing or R&D setting
  • Experience with leading technical project delivery whether customer orientated or establishing innovative solutions to solve industrial challenges

For more details about the requirements and expectations for each level, please refer to the Job Descriptions. 

What does CPI offer you?

At CPI, we offer a wide range of benefits to our employees, including: family friendly policies, flexible holidays and holiday purchasing schemes, opportunities for learning and development, generous pension plan, life assurance and accident insurance schemes.

Additional information

All applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the UK at the time of application. Presentation of appropriate original documents will be required.

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