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£27,000 - £45,000 per annum
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Science and Engineering
15 Mar 2020 - 23:30
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CPI in a nutshell

At CPI we work with our partners to translate inventions into products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries.

With a deep understanding of innovation processes and funding, outstanding technical expertise and industry relevant assets, we enable products and processes to be quickly and cost-effectively brought to market. This supports the development of next-generation manufacturing, highly-skilled jobs and economic growth for the UK.

Our partners operate across many diverse markets including pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals, food and drink, electronics and transportation.

Why this role is important for CPI’s work

The Medicine Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) will focus on the development and testing of manufacturing technologies for small molecule pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors. CPI and the University of Strathclyde have created a partnership between the public and private sectors based on their combined expertise in creating value from the discovery and translation of technology solutions for industry. Working with CPIs business units, including the National Formulation Centre, MMIC will move promising research into commercial manufacturing and enable the UK to become a technology and innovation leader. The Senior Engineer / Scientist will draw upon a broad range of technical know-how to provide technical leadership to enable the development and application of material and process modelling approaches. The role holder will be viewed as an authority in materials modelling, offering innovative solutions and contributing extensively to development and improvement activities including the incorporation of digital approaches to a variety of continuous manufacturing technologies. The role will initially be based in Taunton (Somerset), later relocating to Glasgow (June 2021) following the build of MMIC

Key duties include:

  • To plan and deliver digital’ experiments to ensure the development, application and continuous improvement of a suite of models. This includes experimental planning, pre-validation testing, incorporating the models into a data management strategy and deploying them through integration with the digital communications infrastructure. 
  • To ensure the validity of planned experiments by reviewing data sets (through application of data science approaches), advising on appropriate experimental data and working with experimentalists to ensure minimal materials usage in the generation of robust data models. 
  • To be responsible for the successful integration and application of materials modelling approaches into a new building and its business systems, including integration with systems such as; MES, vertical and horizontal digital platforms etc. 
  • To translate the Digital Strategy for Pharma into practice within the broader team to achieve business objectives.
  • To maintain clearly documented records of technical data, decisions, methodologies, ensuring the experimental plan aligns with the validation masterplan and other relevant quality documents within the GMP framework.
  • To identify new technical developments and trends, translate these into building blocks for opportunities within the business unit, initiating the creation of technological innovations/​applications.
  • To build, maintain and exploit a network of relevant external stakeholders, customers, partners, research organisations and authorities, to represent the business unit and self as a credible expert, identifying opportunity for future projects and developments.
  • To actively contribute to a culture of continuous capability development through coaching, mentoring and/​or developing colleagues across the business unit and organisation, providing insights into areas of specialism. This may include coaching and developing colleagues (both technically and behaviourally) to help them reach their potential and acting as a mentor to colleagues across the organisation, providing an expert-level perspective. 

The person we are seeking

We are looking for a scientist / engineer with a background in chemistry, engineering or a chemical science discipline and experience in materials modelling (through either/​or data or mechanistic approaches) and/​or data science. Previous experience with materials modelling packages (such as, but not confined to: gPROMS, PharmMV) will be an advantage. We will consider individuals who are currently at a senior scientist level, or individuals who are at a scientist level looking to develop into the senior role. 

What does CPI offer you?

At CPI, we offer a wide range of benefits to our employees, including: family friendly policies, flexible holidays and holiday purchasing schemes, opportunities for learning and development, generous pension plan, life assurance and accident insurance schemes.

Additional information

We will consider individuals who are currently at a senior scientist level, or individuals who are at a scientist level looking to develop into the senior role. 

All applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the UK at the time of application. Presentation of appropriate original documents will be required.

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