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7th February 2012

Novalia: Printed poster


Working within a consortium of print and design companies with the help of CPI’s Printable Electronics Technology Centre, Novalia has produced the world first printable electronics based interactive poster. The process utilises existing litho printing presses to create a novel sensor system.


Cambridge-based International Award-winning Novalia is at the cutting edge of developing commercially viable printed electronics. Working within a consortium of print and design companies with the help of CPI's Printable Electronics Technology Centre, Novalia is producing tangible, visible products.

Of its printed poster, Founder and Managing Director Kate Stone said: "We have now shown that printed electronics can be manufactured. We want potential users to look at the product and say, 'we can see how that will benefit us'." The development of this product was made possible by the successful bid for funding from The Northern Way project; a process that was orchestrated by CPI, and through use of CPI's cutting edge facilities.

Before Novalia's work very few visible demonstrators of the technology existed, which was an opportunity that CPI saw for further development. Their combined work has enabled companies to come together, see and react to each others' hurdles and collaborate to overcome them. It has given the market visible and deliverable products, shown the possibilities, benefits and what these mean, and created an enviable problem of its own, as Dr Stone explains: "The problem, if you can call it that, is the expectation that has been created - people are wanting the products that the demonstrators show now."


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